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Core Accounting


A/R, A/P, G/L, Payroll and More

Easy to use, support, and solid as a rock!


  • Intuitive easy user interface

  • Completely integrated for seamless operation

  • Fast file access and screen displays

  • Complete and accurate audit trail for all    transactions

  • Ample comments and descriptions throughout

  • Use our suggested GL numbers or use your own

  • Pull down menus for easy access to program features

  • Scrollable browse windows and lists for easy look-ups

  • Pop-up pick lists for easy data entry and data validation

  • Customizable security system and restrictive program access

  • Uses mouse or keyboard for greater ease of use

  • Multi-user - supports all versions of Windows

  • Support subscription provides unlimited online support, training, and updates

General Ledger & Financial Statements

Your Decision Software Systems accounting system allows you to capture G/L information during the initial data entry phase of your accounting cycle. The G/L module uses this information to let you close accounting period and provide financial reports with pinpoint accuracy and seamless integration. Also, our year-end processing feature allows you to easily re-open a year (or any accounting period) for final CPA adjustments.

  • Easy to use robust journal entries w/reversing accrual feature

  • Recurring journal entries w/reverse accruals

  • Easy Month-end and Year-end closing/reopening procedures

  • Detail audit reports by account & trial balance export & detail drill-down feature

  • User customizable income statement balance sheet with comparatives

  • Run statements/reports for any period

  • Easy to use chart of accounts maintenance​

  • Easy to use year-end processing with undo option

  • Multi-company ready

  • Detailed customizable GL posting audit trail and analysis

  • Financial statements with supporting customizable schedules

  • Trial Balance Drill-Down detail feature.

  • Export GL detail or Trial Balance to Excel, ASCII, and other formats

Accounts Payable & Check Writing

Writing checks and paying your bills is a time consuming task that needs tight control. Our AP programs let you assign GL numbers to each transaction, or the system can use predefined GL numbers to simplify the check writing process.

  • Manual & batch check writing with wire capabilities

  • Fast and complete vendor history – launch vendor websites or send email to vendor contacts

  • Easy vendor account adjustments

  • Estimated accounts payable option for inventory received without a bill

  • Customer refund checks hooks to A/R

  • Easy bank reconciliation – for cash account control, lets you easily adjust and reconcile entries as needed

  • Vendor 1099 forms

  • Comprehensive menu of reports and journals

  • Traditional style cash disbursements and purchase subsidiary journals

  • Supports multi-purpose laser check forms

  • Post directly to G/L or export

  • Easy vendor maintenance with multiple vendor contacts

  • Utility to merge duplicate vendors

  • Easy to learn and use

Accounts Receivable, Invoicing & Order Entry

Tracking your sales orders and customer accounts is the heart of any business. Our A/R programs allow you to have total control of your orders and customer accounts. Your level of customer service depends on data from this module.

  • Customer, contacts, and ship-to file maintenance with fast, flexible customer lookups

  • Fast and complete customer history – launch customer website or send email to customer contacts/ship-to locations

  • Easy cash applications and customer account adjustments

  • Invoice sales orders easily, track customer back-orders, memo-invoices

  • Year-end write-offs are a snap!

  • Flexible customer statements

  • Date sensitive A/R Aging report with detail/summary and other run-time options

  • Comprehensive menu of sales analysis reports and journals

  • Traditional style cash receipts and sales journals

  • Email or PDF invoices and customer statements

  • Utility to merge duplicate customers

  • Easy to learn and use

Payroll & Paychecks

Doing Payroll for any company can be tedious and time consuming. If you wish to keep your payroll in-house and your costs down, then our payroll module is right for you. Our unique and flexible module lets you set up salary and hourly employees easily so putting together a payroll run is simple and fast.

  • Employee maintenance with multiple recurring deductions, and multi-company

  • Fast and complete employee history for any year. See pay/deductions in summary or drill-down to see check/transaction detail

  • Easy loading of YTD totals for quick start-up

  • Supports multi-purpose laser check forms

  • Prints tax check payment info for each run

  • User maintainable tax tables, or let us upload them for you annually

  • Post EFTPS tax payments directly to the G/L

  • Robust reports with detail and summary options

  • 941 Employers Tax Return report

  • Employee W-2 forms

  • Easy to learn and use

Upgrade Options

One of the key features of the Decision Software Systems, Ltd. Core Accounting System, is that it can be customized to handle almost any accounting situation.

  • Custom data imports from various outside data sources

  • Custom purge and period-end routines tailored  to your individual needs

  • Integration with your web site, or other applications

  • Customizable look-ups on all database files

  • Customized data import/export

  • Web Services

  • Reports customized to your exact needs, or we can create new ones

Other Modules

We have a deep library of accounting and custom modules to fit almost any industry or application.

  • Customer quotes, order entry & tracking

  • Barcode inventory control

  • Purchasing & receiving

  • Scheduling systems

  • Job management & tracking

  • Document management

  • Email-based marketing systems

  • Comprehensive financial statements

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